Video Tutorial : How To Get Voluminous Mermaid Hair

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Mermaid Dress Prom Hairstyle

Hairstyle, Mermaid Dress Prom Hairstyle.

Today I have a tutorial for you guys I’m going to be showing you how I get this big crazy hair with a lot of volume and some of my favorite hairstyles to do and it’s actually super easy I’m going to be using three products today

The on the bright side illuminating shine spray as well as the get lifted root lift spray to get lots of volume and I’m also going to be using that without a trace a dry shampoo so I’m going to go ahead and get started but I hope you guys enjoy this super simple tutorial.

so I’m starting off with damp hair I do like to towel dry my hair as much as possible just to reduce the heat damage that I am gonna blow dry I don’t really have a technique I use a medium brush for my bangs and then everything else is just kind of messy drying and

that’s all I do okay so once my hair is kind of dry it’s still a little bit damp I’m going to stop and I’m going to go in with the get lifted root lift spray and this is good to add a ton of volume doesn’t feel crunchy or sticky in any way so I’m going to add that before we proceed and I’m just going to turn my head upside down and focus on my roots I’m just actually really light and buildable

So you can go crazy with it if you want I guess depending on how fine your hair is its how much you actually need to use and I’m just going to finish drying my hair so a good trick for adding volume to your hair while you’re drying it is to flip your head upside down

Then just dry it downwards it’s going to add a ton of volume up at the roots especially to have fine hair that’s a really good tip okay so now that my hair’s dry you can see the volume that the product has added if I just slower dry my hair it’s just dead and Limp so all this body is good creates a nice foundation for our curls

and the big hair that we’re going for so now I’m going to go in with my curling iron and this is my new me you may I think it’s one inch or 3/4 of an inch curling wand I’m not sure I have to check the size but this is my go to my curl block forever with this wand so I love it I’m just going to divide my hair into sections and start curling so if I had to explain my technique it’s basically to curl away from my face and then some random strands I’ll do the opposite way around just to add more body but I usually just go against my face okay so what I like to do is I like to hold my curl up a little bit until it’s cool

and that way it’ll last a little longer so we’re just going to repeat that all over our hair so a good trick that I like to use especially if your hair is super straight and your curls don’t last it’s while you’re holding these and while they’re like cooling down spray them with a little bit of hairspray before you break them apart and it’ll make everything last longer and even have more volume so I’m just going to keep sectioning my hair off and letting down ten sections of hair at a time and curling those away from my face and on occasions towards my face just to add a little bit more volume so these sections of hair they’re closest to your face are kind of most important

because they’re going to frame your face so you want to make sure these look really good and they stay and I’m just going to repeat that process all over this section of hair you can already see how big my hair is going to look I look like a character from the 80s I’d like to go through my hair and make sure I don’t have any weird straight areas that I forgot to curl but I think it’s looking good right now

but I never know what to do with my bangs when I curl my hair it’s like do they stay straight should I curl them or why I usually go for kind of in-between I kind of curl them kind of leaving straight okay I’m a it looks like we curled everything so I’m just going to turn this off I don’t want to burn the house down up I see I see a random straight strand we need to fix this okay now that we have everything we will proceed with my favorite part breaking apart these curls

and once you run your fingers through your hair I think it’s so big and so great so my next step for super volume of hair is to use a dry shampoo I’m going to go in with that without a trace dry shampoo and this is good because it’s invisible it’s not leave residues in your hair and it’s also going to extend the life of your hair so in a way it’s not good to wash your hair too often and this is going to allow you to have a longer lasting hair so wash your hair less often and so to keep your hair healthier so I’m going to spray this all over my hair this also adds amazing volume smells so good

– it kinda reminds me like Hotel toiletries if that makes sense am i weird for thinking those smell good and feel like a hotel a fancy hotel lobby so last but not least I kind of want to get rid of these slides that I have and I want my hair a little shinier

so I’m gonna be using the on the bright side illuminating shine spray this is going to make my hair color pop it’s going to add shine and it’s going to get rid of these flyaways like I mentioned so I’m just going to be spraying that into the ends of my hair this also smells amazing I know it reminds me of like a tropical vacation I love it just vary a little bit on my hand

Mermaid Princess Hairstyle

Hairstyle, Mermaid Princess Hairstyle.

Mermaid Braid No Bobby Pins

Hairstyle, Mermaid Braid No Bobby Pins.

Easy Mermaid Hairstyle

Hairstyle, Easy Mermaid Hairstyle.

Mermaid Hairstyle Diy

Hairstyle, Mermaid Hairstyle Diy.


Hairstyle, Mermaid Combo Hairstyle.

Mermaid Combo Hairstyle

Hairstyle, Mermaid Curly Hairstyle.

Mermaid Curly Hairstyle

Hairstyle, Mermaid Hairstyle Color.

Mermaid Hairstyle Color


Hairstyle, Mermaid Braid Bangs.

Mermaid Braid Bangs

Hairstyle, Mermaid Braid Bracelet.

Mermaid Braid Bracelet

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Mermaid Bob Hairstyle


Hairstyle, Mermaid Hairstyle Blue.

Mermaid Hairstyle Blue

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Mermaid Ariel Hairstyle

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Mermaid Hairstyle For Prom


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Mermaid Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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Mermaid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hairstyle, Mermaid Hairstyles Easy.

Mermaid Hairstyles Easy