UNBOXING CoolBELL Affordable Women’s Laptop Bag Laptop Sleeve Review 2017

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hi everyone and welcome to DavnaFilms I am so excited for this unboxing because CoolBELLE was so kind enough to send me some of their products and I'll go ahead and leave in the description box below their links so you could go ahead and check out their products but they have a variety of diaper bags they have laptop bags for men and women and the thing I liked the most was that everything is affordable so let's go ahead and dig in this is so exciting I love unboxing this looks like a huge bag and one thing I love is big bag ok I'm liking the zipper feels nice and strong the handles check out those handles I love big handles a little pocket here so check that out look at that big space same inner lining material which looks like it's easy to clean feels a little thin but oh I love how it has this little pocket so check out the little baggie the zipper does feel a little thin and me at least definitely I'm not gentle when it comes to zippers we'll see when I test it out oh and we have a little pocket in here and we have some little pockets and this is a little compartment for your laptop in here and all your computer items I'm gonna be honest with you I'm probably gonna be using them more as my purse as like a regular purse because I love how big it is so I'll be using it for my laptop but then I'll be definitely using that as my purse okay this is really really nice I love the chevron print for this one the zipper looks really durable I love how thick it is I love the print I love the image how vivid the colors are again they have that material little pocket check that out soft fuzzy I would definitely feel very comfortable and safe to put my laptop in here like it won't get scratched it'll be nice and protected when I was browsing through Amazon I believe I saw this one as like a top seller and they only had like five left so yeah this one's really nice and my first impression of the laptop is this one is really really really really really nice I would say this one is my favorite I love the gold zipper the material and the quality and this one feels really good it's also very affordable I believe like fourteen dollars and this bag I really love this bag like I said I'll probably be using this bag more as a purse than a laptop bag because I love how big it is but I will definitely be doing a video on this as well so that's it for today everyone if you're new to my channel I highly recommend you subscribe I will be doing an individual video for each item a full detail review and trying them out trying them on packing them to see how my items fit in here so if you found this video helpful in any way be sure to give it a thumbs up and also be sure to check out my playlist it's updated weekly with videos for kids that I'm sure you will love I'll see you in my next video bye

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