Quick Guide to Choose Short Hairstyle for Men 2017

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Short hairstyle for men 2017 is basically similar with the last year. The undercut hairstyle is still the most popular hairstyle even though there are a few variations on the fade when it comes to undercut style. But it is undeniably true if undercut style for men is working really well for any type of hair and face shape. Besides, it creates the fresh look even though you have bed-hair look after all. So, if you want to look fresher and bolder, you better keep reading.

High fade haircut

Hard Part Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle will not let the cut gradually fade out until the neckline. Your hair will disappear on less than five centimeters below the top of your hair. It also means that this cut will show a lot of scalp. It also does not look nice for the first day you get the haircut. But you definitely will get the best look when your scalp is getting as same as your face skin’s color.

Low fade haircut

It does not change the hair on the top of your head but only the hair on the sides and the back. So, if you want to have the low fade haircut then the barber will let your hair disappear on the halfway down of your head. It will take about three centimeters above your natural hairline. Still, it depends on your personal reference and it will look good on any type of face shape as well. Just tell your barber about the length of the fade you want before he starts to cut your hair down after all.

Temple fade haircut

This hairstyle is kind of the mirror of low fade style. The length is not gradual because the first centimeter above your natural hairline will be transitioned from half a centimeter to the skin fade. Other than that, the hair above it will rapidly increase in length to anywhere you like between one and two centimeter. Of course, it depends on your taste.

Various Hairstyle Types for Men You Need to Know

Skin fade haircut

Well, this is just quite the other word that describes fade or taper. But the style specifically gets shorter towards your neckline and ears, gradually, and it will be blending with your skin. The main key is considering how gradual it will be as you like. The gradual can be managed by using different number of the razor. So, this is quick guide to choose short hairstyle for men 2017.