Customers Are Told To Be Vigilant And Avoid Falling For A

  • Customers Are Told To Be Vigilant And Avoid Falling For A

    Urgent warning as customers are told to be vigilant about a convincing Kmart text message scam promising 'exclusive offers' Fraudsters are including the correct names of friends in the text messages.

  • Scam Warning Local Businesses Urged To Be Extra Vigilant

    Scam warning Local businesses urged to be 'extra vigilant' amid worrying scam tactic SCAM tactics can seem very convincing, and falling victim to them can be detrimental. A warning of a way .

  • Bank Clients Told To Be Vigilant Crime Gulf News

    Dubai Bank clients are strongly advised to keep a vigilant eye on the cash they withdraw from an ATM to avoid falling victim to theft, Dubai Police's Criminal Investigation Department CID said..

  • How To Be A Vigilant Consumer And Avoid Personalized Ads

    "Avoid the desire to make impulse purchases and only buy after reviewing all the information that you can, check business reviews and social media profiles, and make sure that the company is reputable and the products are quality," she further added. Her pro tip is to give yourself a hour cooling off period between pitch and purchase. Otherwise, you risk making an impulse buy based on a clever ad..

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