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How to Style a Pompadour Cut With 27 Cool Different Ideas

James Dean Pompadour  All here would'be amazingly ideas for James Dean Pompadour  you can be use and apply to your, make you more fashionable with one of this ideas
How to Style a Pompadour Cut Hairstyle,Men hair James Dean Pompadour

Pompadour cut is pretty much related back to 80’s, where Elvis is the king of rock and roll. This type of haircut is trending in early 2010’s and getting more and more fans in each year. You have to know that before asking your barber to get yourself a pompadour, there are a lot of pompadour shape and style that can be done. Feel free to choose what suits your face the most and don’t be afraid to ask your barber.


Modern Pompadour
Modern pompadour haircut is the most common pompadour type these days. Mostly, you will see this type of haircut as the cover of hair gels or pomades. Give you a slick and sharp look, this haircut maintenance is not as hard as other type of pompadour. The side of modern pompadour is buzzed, complemented with razor sharp and crisp edges, and a hefty amount of top length.

The true pompadour used by the Oldman itself, Elvis Presley during his entire life in entertainment world. This old school look should be good for you since it looks good on Elvis. Elvis-esq pompadour should have a vast quantity of rolled back hair with classic short sides.

Short Sort
Unusually different with any other pompadour type, short sort pompadour is pretty much shorter than others. It is an alternative to the Elvis’ pompadour, if you find that the old one is too shocking for you. You can still pomp your hair, but the looks this haircut gave is somewhat similar to undercut or fauxhawk. You will have slightly smaller pomp with simple and neat style if you decided to go short sort.

The Parted Pomp
Just like the name said, the parted pomp will complement your part as good as hell. You will have a strict shave to sharpen the looks of your part and of course, you can pomp the parted hair in any way you like. Call yourself a hipster because this type of pomp is unique and definitely make you stand out among others. You will get a tapered hair on the sides and back, with top hair that can be styled any way you want.

How to cut , style a pompadour – Clipper over comb

Pompadour is for you who feel that eccentricity is the plus value of yourself. Generally, pompadour will let you have a short sides and back hair with top hair that should be pomp up. Get a pompadour cut that suits your face so you will have greater looks.

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