How to Let Yourself Get a Pixie Cut

Gallery pixie cut hair ::  Pretty hairstyles ideas of  Awesome of pixie cut hair for  Tto do hairstyles :: This  picture  would be Wonderful pixie cut hair
Gallery pixie cut hair :: Pretty hairstyles ideas of Awesome of pixie cut hair for Tto do hairstyles :: This picture would be Wonderful pixie cut hair

Getting any type of pixie cut that suits your face is a great thing. If you are used to have a long hair and suddenly cut your hair short, most people usually regret it. But with a proper way, you can manage yourself to get used to short hair step by step. Here is what you need to do in order to attain and maintain a pixie cut.

You can start cutting your hair into bob first

It is a common psychological state to let yourself go into something slowly and step by step. By cutting your hair in stages, which is get yourself a bob cut first, you wouldn’t be shocked when you see your hair in a pixie cut. This will make a smooth transition, letting yourself adapt to shorter hair slowly. Besides, bob hair is easier to grow if you decided to go back to longer hair.

Keep it versatile

Keeping your hair versatile is a way to avoid regret when cutting your hair short. It is important that you have to keep the top of your hair longer. This way, when you decide to go back to long hair, the shape of your hair after growing should be similar before you cut your hair short. Another good thing is that you can experiment with different styling options as your hair grows longer. You can sweep your hair to the side, make part, creating waves, or pull it back with longer hair on top.

Factor in your hair texture

Cutting your hair short will make    your hair texture completely different compared to longer hair. You might something that you never see such as cowling or a spot because it is covered by your long hair. Keratin treatment is preferable for those who have unruly textures.

Choose your color wisely

Getting your short hair colored will result in lighter color, especially if you have highlights. Mid lengths until end of your hair will look brighter than usual. Keep in mind that always avoid coloring the short part of your hair if you already get a pixie cut to make keep your looks great.

Maintaining the hair

Getting yourself a pixie cut means that you will always control the growth of your hair by going into the salon every four to six weeks. Short hair needs more treatment compared to long hair, so be ready to spend a little bit more for the beauty of your short hair.

It is harder to maintain shorter hair. It is better for you to go slowly from longer hair into bob first, then you can go pixie. Pixie cut needs more treatment compared to longer hair, so enjoy it while it last.

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