Choosing the Right Faux Hawk for You


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Most fashionable men usually know what fauxhawk cut is. It is a wonderful haircut because of its flexibility when it comes to styling. Also, there are a lot of variations that can be done with this type of haircut. Rubbing a pinch of pomade, gel, or clay can be applied effectively with this type of hair. Even, this type of haircut is great with any hair, be it curly, straight, or receding. All of this hair type can be adapted and get the most suitable fauxhawk variation.

Classic Faux Hawk

This is what people call a fauxhawk cut. A classic particular cut where there is a substantial difference in the length of your side and back hair with your top hair. This classic looks usually maintain its top hair by making it pointy with gel or wax. Quite similar to Mohawk cut, but the back hair is longer and the top hair is shorter.

Shaggy Faux Hawk

This is a good type of haircut for those who have curly hair or voluminous straight hair. It is even better if you are not used to comb your hair. Messy, shaggy, and heavy looks will be the value of this variation of fauxhawk cut. Maintain your top hair with pomade or wax to make it messier and have solid shape for the entire day.

Short Mohawk Fade

Short Mohawk fade is commonly known as fauxhawk fade. This type of cut is a little bit different with the classic one, since the hair on your side is a bit longer. You will get a haircut that looks flowing in a same direction, where the front top of your hair is constructed into spike, similar to that on Mohawk haircut.

Bald Faux Hawk

Bald fauxhawk is great for you who suffer from hair loss. The side of your hair will be close to bald with a little bit of fade. You can create a stripe of hair to sharpen your looks and complements the faded skin and curtailed sides. A striking type of fauxhawk, indeed.

Most people will notice men who use this type of haircut It represent how sharp and edgy you are, shown by the shape of your hair. Any type of fauxhawk above may look good on you or not, depending on the shape of your face. So choose carefully before you get any type of fauxhawk cut to avoid any regret in the future.

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