Choosing Hairstyle That Match With Your Dress

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Season can end and fashion will change, but there are one thing that constant remains, the hairstyle.  When fashion change, you can throw it to your wardrobe and wait for make trend again for years, but you cannot do much with your hairstyle, especially when your hair is too short to follow the hairstyle trend. The easier answer to solve this problem is by match your hairstyle with the outfit you wear. How to match it? Here are some tips for you.

Hint for your hairstyle based on dress

  • Dress first then decide your hairstyle

If you have special occasion such as party or formal occasion up, then the first thing that you need to do is find the right dress to wear. Do not be fixated with hairstyle that you want, so dress should come first before hair. After you get the correct dress in mind, choose that will flatter the body and start to pick the correct hairstyle that fix with your dress.

  • Have loud dress? Get your hair simply

The key for match your dress with hairstyle is balancing them. If dress you wear has intricate detail, then choose simply hairstyle to match. In other side, when the dress goes simple, then you can choose elaborate hairstyle to define.

  • Dress high, hair high

Another basic way for choosing correct hairstyle is match the neckline from your dresses or clothing that you wear. If the dress has high neckline, then it is better to wear off updo hairstyle.  If the dress has low cut whether in front or back, the updo or loose hair will be perfect. Have strapless dress? Then pull your hair back or you can consider updo. Do not like to bare too much skin? Then choose hair down style is best and make softer style.

Other tips to match your hairstyle with dress

Before you go to event, try to wear dress and hairstyle that you desire. Take a picture and see how the look is. This can give you time to practice how to do your hair without spend a lot of time to finish the perfect hairstyle on the day you go. One thing that you should need to remember, comfortable and confidence become keys for you. There is huge fashion trend outside and when you feel that you are not comfort with it, do not ever try to wear it. Stick to choose what that look goods on your and make you feel good to wear.